Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's my first time ... be gentle with me.

My first time posting to a blog, that is. I've done that dirty thing you were thinking about lots of times. Although it's been a while. God, I miss the '80s.

Anyway, the Queen Of All Things (aka QOAT, which I guess you would pronounce as "coat," which is a lot less impressive than the spelled-out version) invited me to be a poster on this here blog thingy, so here I am. I don't know whether I have much to contribute to the blogosphere, although when I sit down at a keyboard I do tend to suffer from logorrhea, so cranking out the mere words won't be a problem. Cranking out words that won't make you wish I'd never learned how to type, well, that's a different deal. I'm working on it! Jeez.

Let me go ahead and alert you to another blogalicious event taking place over at Final Girl, which is a great horror movie blog. Final Girl is sick of how cynical everyone on the Intarweb has gotten. Final Girl wants to have a day when we all unabashedly celebrate the fact that we like things. So she has announced the "HEY, INTERNET, STOP BEING SUCH CYNICAL EFFING DOUCHEBAGS BLOG-A-THON!" to be held on March 18. I invite all readers to participate in this worthy event by either posting to your own blog, commenting on the post I'll put up on that day, or sending a joyous rant to Final Girl, who will post your stuff. The topic is "things that fill us with joy," with inflections of "especially if others sneer at them" and "especially movies." I'll be posting that day about a movie that scared the living shit out of me before I even saw it. How is this possible? Am I that nerdy? That sensitive? Or . . . something more? Tune in on March 18 to find out.

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QOAT said...

Yay! Hence the reason for this blog. Only slightly ironic that I'm the most cynical being that I know.