Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Candidate Schmandidate

I found an interesting way to compare your views on some major issues, with those of every candidate in this thing. It's a site called "" .

Basically, you go on and answer some questions. The answers are very detailed and even have a space for you to select how important the topic is to you. When you are done, it will compare your answers and show you which candidate you most closely match up with.

It will also show you where you agree or disagree with the rest of the field.

My results were very interesting! First in line was a Democrat, then a Republican, then another much for thinking I was a liberal Republican. (Hint: see the order of the poll answers.)


HTUJP said...

I did this a couple of weeks ago.....It said my candidate was Romney.....He dropped out the next day. I'm voting for Eli Manning !!!

tider1701 said...

I messed around with a candidate matcher for my iPhone and it said I was a libertarian. My choices were Duncan Hunter - 2 months after he bailed. I'm hoping someone wins that believes in higher taxes so we can all see, AGAIN, what happens when we tax the hell out of small business (i.e. "tax the rich"). I think Jimma Cahtah tried that once. Eli/Peyton 08!!!

tider1701 said...

Breakfast Club - for the movie fans - what do I win???

Cornelius said...

Hmph. Well, I can't stand the personality of the person who came up as my first choice, and the second choice is a frakkin' looney, and the third choice is Obama, but if he drops out, I'm hitting number 4: RON PAUL IN 08, BABY! In your FACE, you soon-to-be-disbanded Federal Reserve Board, you!