Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Grammys

OK...I was one of the minority that was truly waiting to see Amy Winehouse. Her drunk-ass can just flat out sing, so I turned up my television, mentally travelled back in time to when I was watching Blondie with their drunk-ass singing on Saturday Night Live, and enjoyed her talent.

Apparently, Natalie Cole (former addict) weighed in with her indignation on Winehouse winning a Grammy. According to Natalie, that was rewarding bad behavior. Um...hello...if we withheld Grammys and awarded them to only artists with GOOD behavior, there would be no show. Plus, a Grammy is awarded for the talent, not the lifestyle.

I'm just saying.


HTJUP said...

Natalie Cole needs to jump off the high horse and remember what it was like....There is WAY TOO MUCH good music we would have to miss out on if they excluded those who like to indulge. Perhaps we could have a "Best Pop/Rap/HipHop/Rock/Country/Pop Rock/Gospel/Jazz song while sober" That narrows the field some huh???

tider1701 said...

Amy Winehouse was great! I bought her CD the next day and have been listening to her since then. Tormented is one of the words that comes to mind when I hear her sing. There is a great video on youtube with her singing "Love is a Losing Game" where she is crying at the end of the song. Hope she decides to stick around.

HTUJP said...

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?......THE BREAKFAST CLUB !! One of my personal favorites !!

Cornelius said...

I think it sucks that Amy Winehouse is killing herself in full view of the whole world. AND I think she's awesomely talented. AND I think Natalie Cole is full of bullhockey on this one. If we had a non-bad-behavior Grammys, it would only take about ten minutes to hand them all out. You could actually run the Grammys as the first three commercial breaks for the Oscars. And the non-bad-behavior Oscars could run as the first commercial break of the Super Bowl. And there wouldn't be a non-bad-behavior Super Bowl at all ... just fond memories of a game they used to call football. Now I'm all misty-eyed.